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Tanya Adams

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In a different world, Great World War 2, or the second world war as it was known in many countries, played itself in a much different way. In the "real world" of 1946 Albert Einstein invented a device named Chronosphere, the first functional time/space transporter. Using his invention, professor Einsten traveled to Landsberg, Germany, in the year 1924, where he meets Adolf Hitler just after his release from prison. After a brief conversation, Einstein shakes Hitler's hand, releasing a 'chrono-charge' that eliminates the man from history. Upon Einstein's return to New Mexico in 1946, he found that his experience seemed to be a success. The rise of Nazi Germany was prevented, and Europe is at peace.

Things change drastically in 1953, when the Soviet Union launches a massive assault upon neighboring countries: the Red Army pours into Asia and Europe, and the new World War II is several times more cruel and destructive than the 'original' one was.

With the threat of Nazi Germany removed from history, the Soviet Union began to grow increasingly powerful under the rule of Joseph Stalin. Had Hitler risen to power, Germany would have emerged as the balancing force standing in the way of Stalin's ambitions. Instead, left unchecked, the Soviet Union proceeds by seizing lands from China and then begins invading Europe in order to achieve Stalin's vision of a Soviet Union stretching across the entire Eurasian landmass. In response to this, the nations of Europe form into an Alliance, and start a grim guerrilla war against the Soviets.

Tanya Adams is a german civilian. When the Red Army invaded her country, with merciless armored division assaults, indiscriminate bombing and a zero tolerance policy against any kind of resistance, she joined the Resistance against the soviet invasion. While France, England and their allies hastily assembled armies to defend themselves, Tanya discovered a talent for guerrila techniques, quickly becoming an exceptional marksman and an expert in demolitions.

While many see her as a merciless killer, she understands that a significant part of the soviet troops are conscripts with little choice in the matter of who and how to fight. In combat she prefers to use her demolition charges to cripple soviet operations, and avoid combat if possible. When forced to fight, her sharpshooter skills allow her to bring down enemies with deadly precision, even beyond the nominal range of her favorite weapon, the Colt 1911A1 with extended magazines.

Her only ambition in life is to stop the soviet advance and free her country of the invaders.

She eventually comes to the attention of the Allied High Command, that 'recruits' and sponsors her for the rest of the war. As a mercenary on the payroll of the Allied Forces, Tanya was not limited by military regulations and was free to do whatever she wanted to, provided she achieved her mission objectives, which she never failed to do, even though it more than once brought her near death.

While an exceptional commando, Tanya avoids contact with large forces, enemy vehicles and base defenses. She is primarily a special forces operative, not a one woman army, and as such is not prepared to handle more than infantry patrols properly.

Tanya Adams is from the Red Alert series of computer Games, and is the property of Westwood Studios. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.